What You Can Do?


Become a Member of the Board of Directors or Volunteer to becomes part the play.

Submit a Topic

Inter-Act Theater Society would love to hear you ideas regarding social and health issues that can help break down the barriers and stigmas associated with these issues.

Use our email form on the Contact Us page to send us your topic!

Inter-Act Theater Society is a Non-Profit Society that works with limited revenues. Donations ensure that that our Society can continue to bring social issues to the attention of the public.

Attend Performance

Attendance at ALL Productions offered by Inter-Act Theater Society is offered at NO COST to the audience. Inter-Act Theater Society believes that all members of our community have a voice that can bring about change. By offering FREE admission to performances it insures that anyone who wants to attend will attend regardless of economic situation.

Project Partnership

Does your non-profit agency want to educate the public about the issues your clients are facing? Do you have an idea of how interactive theater can help you educate the public about these issues? Then contact us with these ideas and give us an opportunity to  partner with your agency to bring your issues to the community.