Senior Stages

Inter-Act Theatre’s 2016 Production titled “Senior Stages” was held on June 4, 2016 at the Medicine Hat Cultural Center. In the course of 5 days participants created three interactive plays exploring issue of elder abuse, living with dignity and the ramifications of senior’s self-determination for themselves, their family and the community. “Theatre For Living” Director, David Diamond, led the participants through the play development process. Three of the plays were performed to the public on the sixth day. Director David Diamond acted as the performance evening’s moderator. In keeping with our commitment to bringing interactive theater to the community, David Diamond created audience participation, encouraging them to voice their thoughts and feelings about what they were watching and then had them join the cast on stage with their own ideas about solutions to the challenges being portrayed. The intent of the 2016 production was to have our community address the many challenges our senior’s are currently facing. Our senior population’s needs will require unique ideas for change that we all need to consider and hopefully contribute to solving.