About Us

‘Inter-Act Theatre is a Non-Profit society committed to the preparation and presentation of social theater on current social and health issues.’

It's Ability

Our Impact: Why We Exist

The Inter-Act Theatre Society creates presentations that focus on current social concerns. During presentations inter-action between the cast members and the community help create ideas on how to deal with the issues facing our community and how the community can provide better assistance.

Our Story: What We Do

The Inter-Act Theatre is a mix of social development and theatre. There is a strong social message that is delivered with each performance. The design of the performances is to challenge the community to look at attitudes and behaviours about what it is, or is not doing around social issues that is presented.

We use theatre as a vehicle to promote relevant social change in the community. We provide people an opportunity to share their concerns and have their voices heard. Community members are encouraged to get involved and inter-act with the actors, to provide suggestions on how the community can develop solutions to the problems in our community.

Any relevant social issue that presents itself in the community can be addressed. There is no discrimination against, age, race, religion, sex or gender. Presentations can be constructed for school-aged children, young adults, seniors or whatever demographic needs to be reached.

Our Programs: How We Do It

A group would need to contact Inter-Act Theatre with an idea for a production or some type of public performance in their arena of interest. The group themselves should be prepared to be performers, or be able to identify a group of people that are interested in speaking about the issue that they are facing.

Sometimes the performances are scripted reading or purely acted out. There then is a Q&A time at the end where the audience can engage with the cast; however, other times the cast does the performances and audience participation is encouraged throughout the entire production.

What You Can Do

The Inter-Act Theatre does not charge admission to their productions.

They fundraise and receive monetary donations throughout the year.

Monetary donations are always welcome.

Attendance and promotion of productions are great ways to help the Inter-Act Theatre.

Community members are encouraged to send ideas for productions and to be active participants on stage, or in the audience.